4 Reasons a New Roof Can Fail

Jul 8, 2021Blog, Roofing

Your roof is one of the most integral structures of your house. It thus makes sense to make sure you are getting quality service from a qualified roofing company when tackling any roofing work. With something as technically skilled as a new roof installation, there’s plenty of ways for it to go wrong – whether that be through ineptitude or degradation in the materials themselves. By making sure it’s done right the first time and by doing some research before starting the project, you’ll save lots of time and money down the line.


Poor Installation

Subpar contractors are one of the leading reasons why new roofing systems fail. Whether it’s through sheer ignorance, incompetence, or genuine mistakes, there is plenty of room for human error to take place during a roofing project. All it takes is one bad day or one distraction, and a roofer can misplace or incorrectly install a crucial component of your new roof. Small mistakes all add up to significant issues for the homeowner in this line of work.

Neglecting to fine-tune the smaller details of a roofing job can lead to costly mistakes that quickly mount up. A lack of attention to detail can lead to things like leaks, poor insulation, or dangerous living conditions.


Improper Materials

Proper or improper materials can make or break a new roofing system. Sometimes roofers will try to use cheaper, low-quality materials to cut costs; this, however, can come back to affect the homeowner gravely. If your contractor is unaware of the repercussions of using poor or inadequate roofing materials, it can cause your roofing to fail down the line.

There are many types of materials that don’t work well with specific exterior conditions. For example, if you live in an area that receives lots of snow, certain types of materials and roofing structures will work better than others. Further, when certain types of materials are used in conjunction with one another, it can lead to structural damage down the line.


Lack of Attention

If you have roofing issues, it’s important to get them taken care of before they become a significant problem. By not paying attention and failing to keep up with maintenance, hazardous debris can quickly accumulate due to its weight and moisture. If you have an experienced roofer periodically check the status of your roof, then you can address any issues quickly.


Outsider Damages

There are some things you can’t control. If lightning strikes your roof, there isn’t much you could have done to prevent that totally. Damages beyond your control are common and frequently lead to roof failure, from storms to consistent traffic on your roof.


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