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Should I Tear Off My Old Roof To Install A New One?

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Embarking on a new roof installation project requires much planning, consideration, and decision-making. One decision that’s important to the performance and longevity of your roof is whether you will be tearing off your old roofing system and installing a new one or installing an overlay on your roof.

In our professional opinion, tearing off your old roofing materials and installing new materials will give your home the best protection. Installing an overlay might be the cheaper option, but you’ll be sacrificing your rooftop’s longevity in the process.

There are many reasons why tearing off your old roofing system and installing a new one is better than installing an overlay on your existing roof.

Here are some of the reasons why you should always tear off your old roofing before installing a new one:

Roof Deck Inspection

Your roofing system requires a strong roof deck. The roof is the base of the entire roofing system. If your roof deck has issues, your entire rooftop may be in jeopardy. By removing your old roofing materials, your roofer will be able to determine the condition of your roof deck and inspect it for any faults or damages.

By overlaying your roof, you will simply be adding a layer of roofing materials on top of your old roof and thus have no idea of the state of your roof deck. If your roof deck has deteriorated and started to affect the interior of your home, you would have to lift your new roofing materials to repair it or install a new roof deck.

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Longer Lifespan

Installing a new roofing system is going to cost a bit of money. That’s why you want to make sure that your roofing company does an excellent job from the get-go. This way, your roof will last longer, and you won’t have to fork out more money for your roofing in quite some time. Installing new shingles after a roof tear-off process will always last longer than an overlay roofing system.

Several layers of shingles will lead to the trapping of heat beneath them. This constant presence of heat will lead to your shingles curling and breaking. This heat will also trap any cold air trying to escape your attic, thus increasing the temperature inside your home.

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Overlays can only be completed once

Overlaying your roof is only a one-time solution. It cannot be completed too many times as the multiple layers will add excess weight and strain to your home’s structures and these overlaid materials provide reduced protection for your home.

Because overlaid materials have a much shorter lifespan than that of a newly installed roofing system, it makes more sense to install a brand new roof in the first place.

Need more information about the tear-off process? Give BRAX Roofing in Gaithersburg a call today!

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