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Should I Replace my Skylights When I Have My Roof Replaced? Find out the Answer

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When you are thinking about having your roof replaced, there are many things you need to consider. What type of roof material is best for my home? What will it cost? What happens to my skylights? In this blog post, we will explore the question, ‘should I replace my skylights when I have my roof replaced ?’.

New Roof, New Skylights

By investing in a new roof, you are making the decision to improve your home’s safety, efficiency, value and sometimes, appearance. Whether you choose the same or different materials for your new roof, you want the work to be done correctly the first time. Good workmanship around pre-existing skylights is essential, and something that every consumer should be aware of.

When replacing your roof, you are given the perfect opportunity to replace your skylights as well. Skylights, of course, are an important part of your roof. Not only do they let light and air into a room, but because of their location, you need to be sure they are installed properly to prevent possible leaks from damaging your home’s interior.


The Benefits of Bundling the Work

When getting a new roof, adding your skylights to the project is a great idea. Not only will you know that both will be properly installed, but your roof and the new skylights will work seamlessly together.

It is possible to put a new roof around old skylights, but this requires extra care from your roofing company. As a consumer, if you go this route, you should have high confidence that your roofing company does high quality work. The extra care necessary to complete this sort of job includes ensuring that the flashing matches and is measured perfectly. At this point, many homeowners will just choose to install new skylights, especially when your current skylights are as old as your roof. As an added benefit, the warranty that you get with your new roof will also apply to your skylights, meaning that all materials and installation will be under one contract.

If you do choose to keep your old skylights when installing a new roof, new curbs and wood can be installed for your older skylights, which enables them to look good and continue to function properly with your new roof. However, especially if your skylights are old, new ones will be more energy efficient, and more attractive.

What it Means For Your Skylights

Getting both a new roof and new skylights also carries with it significant benefits. Because the roof will already be under construction, installing new skylights, rather than keeping your old ones and having them done later, becomes much easier. Additionally, installing new skylights along with your roof means that you can be confident that you won’t have a leak. The new skylight windows will need to be flashed properly, in order for them to repel water. Otherwise, water can leak into your home and into your roof’s structural support, causing serious water damage to both.

Choosing new skylights is advantageous for several reasons. One of the most impressive reasons is that you will easily be able to add new technology to your home. New skylights have options, which include rain sensors that automatically close your skylight when it rains, automated blind coverings and easy opening with a push of a button. No more climbing on your furniture to open your old skylights. In addition, new skylights typically have better insulation properties to help regulate your interior temperature.

Another exciting option is to ask your roofing company about installing sun tunnels. Sun tunnels save energy by allowing daylight into your home, making your space feel larger and increasing your home value by adding a modern touch. Sun tunnels are usually perfect for bathrooms and hallways. When replacing your roof and skylights, remember to think about all of your options, such as adding sun tunnels. Be sure to talk to your roofing company about these options.

A Great Opportunity

Skylights can be a featured part of any home. They allow light to flow into your space, enabling you to enjoy a beautiful view outside. If your home features older skylights or doesn’t have any, installing a new roof gives you a great opportunity to replace old skylights and have new ones installed in your home.

Especially when you are working with trained, knowledgeable, and skilled professionals, you’ll be able to enjoy your new skylights and roof for years to come. If your home doesn’t have skylights or you are thinking of adding more then it’s a great idea to get all of the work done at once.

Of course, if you have recently installed new skylights, it’s perfectly okay to keep them; they will simply be saved and reflashed. But either way, you should let your roofing contractor know your preference ahead of time. If you are in need of a new roof and skylights, contact us today!

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