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Homeowner’s Guide to Roofing in Rockville, MD

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Homeowners throughout Maryland take special care of their properties, and Rockville is no exception. To many people, homes are more than just an investment—they are the sanctuaries in which they raise families and create memories. As such, home upkeep is a top priority, and, often, that upkeep begins on top with the roof.

Despite the special attention that homeowners pay to their roofs, it also may be the part of a home that causes the most stress. Repairs can seem extreme, and no one wants to think about the possibility of an old roof failing and water leaking into the house during a rain shower. What follows is a basic Rockville homeowner’s guide to roofing so that you won’t be quite so nervous if you see a stray shingle on your driveway.

Weathering Rockville

The roofs of Rockville, as well as all of Maryland, must withstand the elements for the entire year. Spring rains, the baking summer sun, tropical storms that brush against our fine state in fall, and winter snow and ice can take a toll on your roof, as well as gutters, flashing, vents, and other parts of your roofing system. The best defense against major problems is knowing what kind of condition your roof is in, knowing which factors are particularly troublesome for your roof (for example, fungus on a cedar shake roof), and checking the top of your house after every season to see if the previous three months wreaked any havoc.

DIY Roof Maintenance

Some roof repairs are beyond the average homeowner’s expertise, but there are simple maintenance steps you can take to prevent little problems from becoming major issues. First, a word of caution: Be extra careful when climbing a ladder to look at your roof. If you don’t feel comfortable up high, call a professional for help. Also, avoid walking on your roof unless you absolutely must—unintentionally damaging your roof with just your footsteps is easier than you think (plus, we really don’t want you falling off). Now those maintenance tips:

Look at your roof

Again, once a season is a smart timetable. Enlist someone to help, even just to hold the ladder.

Keep gutters clear

Leaves and debris aren’t just gutter nuisances—they can be damaging. At least once a year, clean those gutters out so that water flows freely off your roof.

Trim branches

Trees are great for shade, but branches can grow into your roof and damage shingles. Be sure to prune any trees that are close to the top of your home.

Be moss-free

Runaway moss and fungus can damage a roof as easily as a windstorm. Wash away any growth, but be extra careful when using a power washer so that you don’t unintentionally damage the roof.

Roof Repairs in Rockville

You may be tempted to try some minor repairs on your roof—replacing a lost shingle, for example. The task is possible, but take your time, because you may accidentally cause more damage. A better course of action is to call a professional to repair your roof. A quality contractor will finish the job right and can also identify any other issues—problems that might not be apparent to the untrained eye. Plenty of resources are available to find expert roofers in Rockville; be sure to ask questions and don’t hire a contractor that is evasive or you don’t feel comfortable with.

Roof Replacement in Rockville

Sometimes, the damage to your roof is too extensive to be repaired, and you might need to replace it. A new roof represents a significant long-term investment, so you should do your homework in selecting a contractor that is trustworthy, has a long track record of excellence, and uses the highest-quality materials. In other words, if you plan to stay in Rockville, make sure the roof you purchase is there for you for decades to come.

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