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6 Homeowner Trends in the DMV

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Home remodeling and repair projects remain strong—homeowners will spend an estimated $345 billion this year improving their properties. Whether these improvements are necessary upkeep or made to boost the value of the home, they often represent a significant investment. As such, many homeowners want to ensure they are keeping up with the latest trends. After all, what’s the point in improving your property if it doesn’t yield some sort of return, either financially or simply in the satisfaction that your home has been updated?

Home improvement and upgrade trends come and go; some are more lasting than others. Here are six hot homeowner trends we are currently seeing in the DMV:

1. Natural light and energy efficiency

The homeowner trend toward natural light sources isn’t just rooted in a desire for an aesthetically pleasing interior. Daylighting also provides a real energy efficiency, both in the lights you aren’t turning on during the day and the heat that is added into the house during the winter. Rooftop skylights can offer the benefits of natural light, as well as larger, smarter windows (more on that in a moment).

2. Metal roofs

As an alternative to traditional roofs, metal roofs provide long-lasting functionality and numerous other benefits such as energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and incredible durability. Moreover, this type of roof returns the highest value in terms of costs recouped—85.9 percent nationally and a whopping 95.5 percent here on the East Coast

3. Flat roofs

Flat roofs are most often associated with commercial buildings, but they are becoming increasingly popular in residential structures as well. Of course, the architecture of your home factors into whether or not a flat roof is possible to install, but if it is, many advantages can be realized. For starters, flat roofs are low-maintenance, resisting dirt, mildew, algae, mold, and fading. Second, when installed with quality materials, this type of roof offers durable protection from the unpredictable weather elements we see here in the DMV. Finally, flat roofs simply look nice and can easily complement skylights, air conditioning units, and heat pumps.

4. Smarter windows

Vinyl windows are a hot homeowner trend, providing energy efficiency over wood and aluminum frames. The vinyl material is durable and naturally insulating. Vinyl windows also look great and are not easily scratched, meaning they do not need to be repainted. The glass in windows is becoming smarter, too, with panes that automatically switch tints to reduce glare and adapt to weather changes. Replacing your windows is a big job, so be sure to choose styles and options that are worth the investment.

5. Classic looks

Some trends simply never go out of style. Sure, some modern looks may turn out to be lasting, but too often, that all-the-rage feature of this year won’t be so impressive a decade down the line (after all, olive-green bathroom tile was once considered fashionable). When deciding between a classic or newer look, lean toward classic—an approach that actually is a driving trend of 2016. Many of today’s building materials combine the best of both worlds: an old-school design combined with modern, innovative functionality.

6. Vinyl siding is still strong

The most popular siding choice in the DMV, as well as in the entire country, is vinyl—a homeowner trend that shows no sign of abating. Vinyl siding looks good, is durable, is cost-efficient, and resists the elements. Furthermore, this option is easy to maintain, which is a great option for homeowners who want to give their house an updated look without worrying much about upkeep after installation.

What current homeowner trends are most intriguing to you?

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