Reasons Why Homeowners Should Consider Installing James Hardie Siding

Apr 15, 2016Blog, James Hardie Board, Siding

Many homeowners are catching on to the benefits of using fiber cement siding on their homes instead of vinyl, wood, or other alternatives. There are good reasons for this, which we’ll highlight in this article. Brax Roofing also wants to highlight that we’re a certified James Hardie siding contractor, which is great news for inhabitants of  Montgomery County, MD and the DMV.


What is Fiber Cement Siding?

This is a robust building material patented first in Austria in 1902, which is made from: sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. The modern form of fiber cement products used for various siding purposes, started being manufactured in the 1980s.

James Hardie is the recognized leader in the industry for manufacturing this durable and great looking product. They can boast of their siding covering over 5.5 million homes across America!


Different Types and Looks of James Hardie Siding

As we stated before, Brax Roofing is proud to be a certified contractor of James Hardie siding, and we offer the area we serve a top-quality service to install this top-quality product. In this regard we offer many different types of fiber cement siding, built to protect and enhance the beauty of your homes. Here are the different types of sidings we offer:


  • HardiePanel® Vertical Siding
  • HardieTrim® Boards
  • HardieShingle® Siding
  • HardiePlank® Lap Siding
  • HardieSoffit® Panels


Of course, we offer many various colors for these different types of sidings as well. Brax can bring to life an old house in need of remodeling, or construct a new house with any variation of these great siding options.


Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Maybe you’ve already been convinced when looking at a neighbor’s house with fiber cement siding, or maybe this is a thought born out of being tired of dealing with more traditional approaches like wood shingles. Either way, let’s briefly explain why this product is gaining so much popularity in Maryland and across America.

One of the greatest advantages of fiber cement siding is its’ durability. It has excellent impact resistance ability, and requires very little maintenance after installation and painting. The paint has a longer lasting ability than it does on wood or vinyl, looking fresh for a decade and lasting even longer. Also, fiber cement is largely fire resistant, being made from a non combustible material.

Lasting longer and requiring less maintenance is great, and so is the fact that fiber cement siding is also cheaper to install than wood, vinyl, or other alternatives. And when using a trusted certified James Hardie siding contractor, residents of Montgomery County are ensured a quality installation with a superior product.

The last benefit we’ll highlight is significant, although subjective. This is the beautiful look fiber cement siding gives to a home. Many times the unique and attractive look of James Hardie siding in particular, is what gets homeowners interested in fiber cement siding, even before they realize the other benefits. We offer a great selection of color and type, allowing homeowners to find the siding that fits their eye, to creates a beautiful lasting look to their homes.



Look no further for a James Hardie siding contractor than Brax Roofing in Montgomery Country. Located in Silver Springs, Brax Roofing prides ourselves on providing the best exterior home service to our customers, and we do this in part by offering industry leading products like James Hardie siding.

There are many benefits of choosing fiber cement siding for your home’s exterior, but finding an experienced service to install this product will ensure you retain these benefits. Choosing the right materials from the right company, then having the right contractor install them: most assuredly ends up in a job well done.

Brax has the expertise and experience needed to meet and exceed your expectations. Clients are welcomed to contact us to receive a free estimate, or to talk with a friendly consultant about your needs.

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