Get a Perfect View with Window Replacement in Silver Spring, MD

Oct 13, 2015Blog, Windows

A wonderful view makes for a good reason to install windows that will bring the outdoors in. Not only can a great view help you relax, it can also increase the value of your house. Here are three of the top window style ideas you can use to open up your living space and make nature a part of your home.


1. Casement windows. These have tall frames and are hinged on the sides to open outwards. Fully opening the sash allows plenty of fresh air and views from inside. This window style also provides better ventilation and more light.


2. Sliding windows. Sliding glass windows perfectly frame the wide-open space outside. They slide on tracks, so there are no sashes that open outward – perfect for the area overlooking a deck or patio. Pair them with sliding patio doors in Rockville, MD, to make the most of a view.


3. Picture windows. These windows don’t have an opening. Their main function is purely for aesthetics, to put on wide display a view to be seen and enjoyed from inside. Add operable windows around a picture window for ventilation options.


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