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What Are Seamless Gutters?

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 Rain poses many challenges to homeowners. It can cause leaks in your roof, wreak havoc on your landscaping, and damage your foundation. One way to control many of the damaging effects of rain is with a well-built gutter system. Seamless gutters are a great way to protect your home from rain and water damage – but what sets them apart from other types of gutters?

What Are Seamless Gutters?

Most homeowners are familiar with their gutters. However, many aren’t aware that there are many styles and types of gutters to choose from. Seamless gutters are a gutter style that is growing in popularity. Many homeowners appreciate seamless gutters for their clean look and lower maintenance needs.

The biggest difference between seamless gutters and traditional sectional gutters is that seamless gutters are built from longer, single-piece sections without any joins. This allows the gutter to be installed on even long roof lines without seams.

Seamless gutters are usually made of aluminum, much like traditional gutters. However, you can also find seamless gutters in other materials, such as copper. Copper seamless gutters are a popular choice with homeowners who want a distinctive accent on their homes.

Why Does My Home Need Gutters?

Gutters perform a number of essential tasks around your home. They are one of the simplest and most effective home improvements you can make. Here are just a few of the ways gutters improve your property:

  • Gutters protect your home’s foundation. Without gutters, water can run off your roof and pool directly against the foundation of your house, creating stains, leaks, and possibly even flood damage. Gutters help to control this damaging runoff simply and effectively.
  • Gutters prevent ground erosion around your home. Along with protecting your foundation, gutter systems also prevent water from washing away the earth around your home. Without gutters, you can end up with an unsightly exposed foundation all around your house.
  • Gutters control rainwater drainage by directing roof runoff down a downspout. The water can then be dispersed on your lawn away from your home or even directly down a storm drain.
  • Gutters keep water away from doors, patios, and landscaping features next to your house. This, in turn, can prevent leaks or flooding or simply make your doors easier to use during a storm.

Why Choose Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters perform all of the above essential tasks extremely well. However, they also have some other advantages that are worth noting.

One advantage of seamless gutters is they tend to leak much less than traditional segmented gutters. Because seamless gutters are manufactured from longer pieces of metal, there are no seams or joints for water to escape from. All the water is carried along the entire length of the gutter without interruption. This makes seamless gutters more reliable and long-lived overall.

Seamless gutters are also stronger than segmented gutters for the same reason. The weakest part of a traditional gutter is the seam between pieces. By eliminating that seam, a seamless gutter can stand up to more water weight, more wind, and more snow and ice than a traditional gutter.

Another advantage of seamless gutters is they are easier to clean than regular gutters and collect less debris. The inside of a seamless gutter is one smooth, unbroken line of metal. There are no places for debris to catch against. This leads to less buildup in the gutter over time, and it also makes it easier to wash any debris away.

Finally, seamless gutters create a much cleaner look for the outside of your home. Certain seamless gutter styles, such as half-round gutters and copper gutters, can be an eye-catching accent that sets your home apart. We can work with you to pick the style and type of gutter that best suits your home and creates just the look you want.

Want to learn more about installing seamless gutters on your home? Feel free to contact us today at BRAX Roofing.

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