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6 Tips To Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage

Missing shingles on an asphalt roof

Severe weather can come with little notice and a lot of force, exposing your roof and home to damaging winds, hail, snow, and ice all of which are hazards we may encounter in the DMV area.

Wind and hail can be especially destructive to your roof’s shingles, causing them to tear, loosen, or crack. This kind of damage may seem minor, but it can lead to water damage and even structural damage if not repaired quickly.

Homeowners need to take action to protect their roofs from storm damage. Below are six quick storm preparation tips that can help:

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Routine inspections ensure your roof is in good condition and give you the information you need to prepare for a replacement down the line.

BRAX Roofing offers professional drone inspections that can quickly and accurately assess your roof.

It’s important to leave these inspections to the professionals. Otherwise, you risk your personal safety and additional damage to your roof.

Repair Roof Damage

Minor damage that’s left unaddressed can become major roof damage. If you have existing roof damage, such as loose or missing shingles, those areas will be more vulnerable to a severe storm.

You should schedule a repair as soon as possible to prevent additional damage that could lead to major roof repairs or premature roof replacement.

Trim Landscaping

You can prevent large tree limbs from falling and crushing your roof by regularly trimming your trees at least 6 feet away from your roof.

Well-maintained trees are also more likely to remain healthy, strong, and less likely to be impacted by storms.

Clean Your Gutters

Your home’s gutters are responsible for keeping water off your roof and away from your foundation.

You should inspect and clean your gutters regularly so that they’re able to handle heavy rains.

If you have old or separated gutters, install new seamless gutters that will provide reliable drainage.

Secure Loose Items

It’s easy to overlook loose items in your yard and around your home, like potted plants, furniture, and children’s toys. However, these items can become airborne in a storm and damage your property.

If the forecast predicts heavy wind, store these items in your home or garage to protect your roof and siding from damage.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

When preparing for a storm, be sure you have an easily accessible copy of your homeowners insurance policy. You should also review your policy to ensure you have adequate coverage should the worst happen.

If you don’t have recent photos of your roof, we recommend taking several photos of your home and roof as best you can from the ground. Then, take photos again after the storm has passed to document any damage you have incurred.

Choose BRAX Roofing for Roof Repair & Replacement

After a storm has passed, inspect your roof from the ground to check for damage. If you see missing or damaged shingles or suspect you have roof damage you can’t see, contact the professionals at BRAX Roofing.

We offer roof inspections, repairs, and replacements throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We specialize in storm damage roofing services, so we’re familiar with the insurance claim process and the support you need to restore your roof.

If you need roofing services from a trusted team, we provide:

If your roof has been damaged, schedule storm damage repair and replacement with BRAX Roofing today. Call us at 301-469-4880 for a free estimate.

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