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Is Your Home’s Siding Falling Off? Here’s Why & What To Do

Your home’s siding is not only an essential element of its appearance, but it also serves as a protective barrier against the elements. However, siding can come loose or fall off over time, leaving your home vulnerable to moisture and other damage.

Whether it’s poor installation, harsh weather conditions, pests, or aging materials, act quickly and get a professional siding inspection to determine the best way to restore your home’s exterior.

Poor Installation

If your siding was never installed properly or is of poor quality, it might not take long for it to start falling off your home.

Basic mistakes in the attachment of your siding will often lead to quick failure, especially during a storm, but more subtle mistakes like gaps in the siding will cause more damage over time.

If your siding is still largely intact, a skilled team can likely reinstall your siding without completely replacing the materials.

Severe Weather

Intense storms can do a number on your home, battering your siding with holes and cracks, forcing water beneath the panels, and resulting in mold and mildew.

If you find evidence of water past or present beneath your loose or detached siding, that’s likely the source of your trouble. To avoid this, inspect your siding after heavy rainstorms to make sure no damage is occurring, and ensure water isn’t accumulating.

Rain and water aren’t the only threats to your siding. Intense heat and cold can cause the untreated siding to expand and contract, gradually loosening your siding over time. 

Hail and high winds are also common hazards in the DMV area that can severely damage your siding, roof, and gutters. You likely need a replacement to resolve storm damage.

Pest Infiltration

If pests make a home beneath the siding of your home, they’ll inevitably undermine the connection and lead it to loosen or fall off entirely.

If you find bugs beneath your siding, it’s important to take action immediately. Having an exterminator eliminate your infestation might seem costly, but it will cost more if the damage grows and you have to overhaul your home’s entire exterior.

Get rid of the pests, and you can limit your damages; wait, and it could be a total loss that requires siding replacement.

Old Age

Siding doesn’t last forever. Most materials last for decades, but that might mean as little as 15 years for poorly maintained wood siding or 50 years for fiber cement. The aging process for any material matters more than its actual age — if you don’t keep up with routine siding maintenance, it will show wear and tear.

Replacement is the only option for loose or fallen siding near the end of its life span. Don’t try to only replace parts of your siding when age is the problem. Old, failing siding can let in moisture and pests that will damage your new siding panels.

Call BRAX Roofing for Siding Replacement in Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

If you live in the DC Metro area, don’t hesitate to contact the team at BRAX Roofing if your siding is loose or falling off.

Our exterior service experts will help you find the perfect fit for your needs and install your new siding properly, so you’ll enjoy the full benefits of a high-quality product — no mistakes, no weak points, and no stress.

Call 301-469-4880 or contact BRAX Roofing online now to request siding replacement for your DMV home.

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