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Save Money and Brighten Up Your Home with Our Skylights

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Skylights are an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of plentiful sunlight. They’re also a good method for natural ventilation. BRAX Roofing provides stunning skylights from VELUX® that provide the following benefits:

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Skylights are more than just a way to get sunlight. By opening up your skylight, you’ll benefit from a phenomenon known as the stack effect. Air rises as its temperature increases, and cool air flows downward to replace it. Opening your skylight means you’ll remove your hot and stale air to replace it with cool and fresh air. This improves indoor air quality. As an expert roofing contractor in Silver Spring, MD, we know exactly where to install our skylights that will benefit you the most.

Make Interiors Bright and Beautiful

Of course, skylights also provide abundant natural light. The correct placement of skylights achieves several effects. Placing your skylights directly overhead creates strong and bright light, excellent for homes on narrow urban lots. This creates a light and open feeling. We can also place your skylights along the wall to create a more warm and indirect light. Our expert designers will work with you to determine how our skylights can make your home more beautiful.

Help Reduce Energy Bills

Sunlight isn’t just beautiful; it also saves you money. As the premier roofing company in Rockville, MD, we recommend that our customers get skylights because they reduce energy bills in different ways. Using skylights instead of artificial light during the day can help reduce dependence on electric lights. The stack effect can help reduce the workload of mechanical ventilation. Finally, skylights and sun tunnels, energy-efficient windows, and passive solar design can help with heating costs.

Our skylights can help reduce your energy bills, improve your indoor air quality, and make your interior look more beautiful. BRAX Roofing is a VELUX 3 star skylight installer, so you know that you’ll get quality craftsmanship and attention to detail when you work with us. Your skylight installation will be quick and hassle-free. Give us a call to learn more about our skylights or to request a free estimate.

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