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Avoid Expensive Cedar Shake Repairs With Timely Inspections

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The aesthetic appeal of a cedar shake roof is undeniable. Richly textured surfaces reflect light in various ways at different times of the day. And, there’s pride in owning a home with a roof that is simultaneously beautiful and long-lasting. Prospective buyers like cedar shake roofs for a number of important reasons. Cedar is lightweight, durable, and rot-resistant. Cedar also insulates well, as it has a relatively high R-value. In an era in which many homeowners want to “go green,” cedar’s sustainability is an attractive feature.

Interesting Example of Cedar’s Unique Attributes

Evidence of cedar’s legendary qualities is found on the rooftops of many buildings in New York City. Cedar’s rot-resistance and insulating capacity makes it the material of choice in many of the city’s thousands of rooftop water tanks. These gravity-feed cedar tanks have been in use since the 19th century, and modern water tanks last for decades.

Cedar Roof Inspections

Every cedar shake roof in Montgomery County is unique. A host of variables impact the life expectancy of such a roof. For example, the crowns of maturing trees may subject parts of the roof to more and more shade as the years go on. Shade harbors moisture which may lead to growth of microorganisms that break down wood fibers. At the same time, Maryland’s cedar shake roofs must endure wide temperature extremes. On a sultry summer day, the air temperature may be 95 degrees, but the surface of cedar shakes heats up to well beyond that.

If you are expecting to sell your home, a comprehensive roof inspection by a member of the BRAX Roofing team can give you some real peace-of-mind. When it comes time to put a home on the market, a cedar shake roof can be an attractive valuable asset. Unfortunately, it can also become a costly concern in some situations. A call to BRAX Roofing is the first step in proactively addressing any possible roof repair issues before they become an impediment to closing. The last thing you want after an accepted offer is for the required home inspection to reveal a problem with your roof. Such a revelation could yield a seller’s demand for a last-minute repair or reduced price.

Proactive Cedar Shake Solutions

A skilled roof inspector identifies emerging issues before they require more expensive cedar shake repairs. Here are just a few of the issues that an inspector might identify:

Splitting – If splitting shakes are observed, we’ll determine whether this natural process will impact your roof’s integrity. In many instances, minor splitting has no adverse impact. When splitting is cause for concern, we can insert a metal shim under the split or replace the problem shake.

Accumulating debris – Cedar shakes need to breathe for the longest life span, so it is important that leaves and other debris be dealt with in an efficient manner. There are times when a professional cleaning is appropriate, such as when needles from fir trees accumulate in the gaps between cedar shakes.

Moss growth – Moss causes problems with water retention. It can also impede water flow enough to cause backups. The resulting standing water can lead to deterioration of the wood fibers in the cedar shakes. It is possible to prevent the buildup of moss by nailing copper or zinc strips at the ridge cap. A slight chemical reaction between the metal and rainwater yields a mild solution that inhibits the growth of moss for a yard or so beneath the strips.

Please Call or Contact Us Today!

Ultimately, our goal at BRAX Roofing is to do two things: 1) protect your investment in your home, and 2) give you peace-of-mind. When the winds are howling during a summer thunderstorm or a winter blizzard, peace-of-mind is worth a lot. When heavy rains or an extended heat wave descend upon your residence, you want to live in comfort and with confidence.

When our inspector visits your property, you can count on a comprehensive and honest evaluation. Take a proactive approach to preserving your roof. Please call or contact us today to arrange for your complimentary evaluation.

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