This Month in Gaithersburg Homeowner News: October

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This Month in Gaithersburg Homeowner News: August

October already, and 2017 is quickly hurtling toward its conclusion. Halloween caps off this month, and we promise not to tell anyone if you buy peanut butter cups for trick-or-treaters but secretly hope many don’t come to your door! We’ve included tips for the spooky holiday in this post, but first, the news …

Gaithersburg News

  • Hogan plan would expand I-270: At a press conference held in Gaithersburg last month, Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled a $9 billion proposal to expand three congested highways, including Interstate 270 that runs through town. Hogan’s plan calls for adding high-occupancy toll lanes to I-270 similar to ones built in Virginia.
  • Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce honors four: On Sept. 12, the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce (GGCC) presented four of its volunteers with awards and special recognition for their efforts with the organization. The four honorees were Trina LaPier (St. Martin’s of Tours), Roy Quick (Primerica), Susan Pendy (Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse), and Abdi Russi (BB&T). Read more about the awards here.

Homeowner Happenings

Gaithersburg Events

  • Spooky Tots: The RIO Washingtonian Center, 209 Boardwalk Place in Gaithersburg, is hosting its Halloween-themed Spooky Tots event from 10 a.m.-noon on Oct. 25. Kids can pick and decorate pumpkins, enjoy a dance party, and get their faces painted. Costumes are encouraged. Visit the RIO Washingtonian Center’s website to learn more.
  • Jazz concert: Levon Mikaelian will perform music from his upcoming album, which features a mix of unique jazz arrangements and Armenian folk songs, at Gaithersburg’s next Arts on the Green concert, 8-10 p.m. on Oct. 28 at the Arts Barn, 311 Kent Square Road. Tickets are $25, $15 for children under 18. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the City of Gaithersburg’s website.

Home Improvement Tip of the Month

As the weather cools, those roof repairs you have been putting off or simply haven’t gotten around to seem all the more ominous. Roofing contractors have more availability in the winter (and may work with homeowners to offer favorable deals to keep their schedules as filled as possible), and there are some roof repairs and replacement jobs that might not wait until spring. However, there are also some roof jobs that shouldn’t be done during the winter. And of course, with the holidays, money that could be used for home improvement often is being devoted to other things …

So which roof repairs can/should you attend to in the winter, and which should you wait until spring for? It depends on your roof:

  • Metal roofs: Winter repairs and replacements are fine.
  • Shingle roofs: Yes, but with caution because asphalt shingles can crack in cold weather.
  • Flat roofs: Usually not, because the glue that is used isn’t as effective in cold conditions. However, PVC and TPO flat roofs are applied with hot-air welding equipment, thus taking cold out of the equation.

We wrote a great post about winter roof repairs last winter that explains these options in greater detail. Of course, there is still time to schedule repairs or replacement before the cold weather sets in; contact us today to learn more. And in the meantime, don’t eat all your kids’ Halloween candy at once—except for the peanut butter cups!

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