This Month in Gaithersburg Homeowner News (March)

Mar 10, 2017Blog, Gaithersburg, Local News

March brings another key moment for Gaithersburg homeowners: the chance to see what damage that winter caused to their properties. How did the lawn and garden fare underneath the snow? How did the pavement hold up amid ice, rock salt, and shoveling? How does your home’s exterior look?

Now is the time to inspect your home and property and perform any maintenance necessitated by the winter months. Perhaps the most pressing issue will be your gutters. Leaves from last fall may be clogging them, and those clogs aren’t good for your gutters or your roof. Get out the ladder and safely clear any debris that might have accumulated over the past few months. Beyond maintenance, cleaning the gutters gives you the opportunity to look at your roof and identify any issues that might necessitate calling a professional roofer to inspect.



Here are some other spring maintenance tips for Gaithersburg homeowners:


Trim back runaway branches

Do this now before your trees and shrubbery are fully blooming.


Repair chipped and peeling paint

The wood supporting, say, your exterior window frames can experience rot if not properly protected. And although the snow is gone, the rain is on its way.


Test your AC

This is a slow time for HVAC professionals, so better to test your air conditioning now and order any repairs rather than in June when contractors are swamped and might not be able to fit you in right away. If temperatures are in the 90s and humidity has turned your house into a sauna, waiting a week to get the AC fixed will not be pleasant.


Look at your foundation

Check for cracks that may have developed and hire an expert to seal the damage.


Takedown the Christmas lights

Really, people, it’s March!


Gaithersburg Home Market Update

In its February 26 report, Homesnap identified a slight decline in Gaithersburg home sales from the previous week but found that the median sales price increased to $365,000. The website says Gaithersburg is currently in a seller’s market despite the decrease in home sales. If you are looking to sell in the next few months, this news is even more reason to give your home a thorough spring inspection and cleaning—buyers will be drawn to (and may pay more for) properties in tiptop shape.



Rockin’ the Suburbs

According to The Washington Post, the DMV is in the midst of a housing boom that is extending into more distant suburbs such as Gaithersburg. Prices within the Beltway remain expensive, but growth has slowed, thus pushing potential buyers farther out, which is another reason for the aforementioned seller’s market. The Post article examines the latest data.



Shamrockin’ the Suburbs

The City of Gaithersburg is hosting its St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 11. The parade, cosponsored by the Rio Washingtonian Center and the Harp & Shamrock Society, starts at 10 a.m. at Rio Boulevard and Grand Corner and ends on Grand Corner (by the Kohl’s). Visit for more information. And if you attend, wear something green!



Spring Garage Care

Aside from the maintenance concerns detailed at the start of this post, Gaithersburg garages can also take a beating from the long winter. Snow was tracked in the entire winter, crates and items might not have been stored properly, and sleds and skis may still be in the way. This article provides a plan for cleaning your garage this spring. And if your garage is detached, don’t forget to take a look at its roof and exterior as well—you don’t want April showers to seep in.

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