Should I Replace My Gutters When My Roof Is Replaced?

May 11, 2016Blog, Gutters

It is common for a homeowner to ask, should I replace my gutters when I have my roof replaced? For many, there is no better time to replace gutters than when a roof replacement occurs.

The gutter, flashing/drip edge and fascia are all important components of a complete roof system. It’s important to realize that every part of the system is important, or the architect would not have included it in the first place.

Aging gutters that are bent, corroded or otherwise failing are best replaced when the roof is replaced. It is very efficient to have one crew that’s already on-site perform all necessary work. Also, certain repairs to fascia, drip edge and flashing can only be performed after gutter removal. On the other hand, if you already have properly installed gutters that are in great shape, we’ll let you know that too.



Correct Existing Gutter Problems

Some homeowners eventually learn that their gutters are not carrying water out and away from the foundation like they should. Past installation problems may have compromised the roof’s ability, including gutters, to perform the job it was designed to do. They may have led to peeling or rotting fascias as well. There are a number of potential problems with past gutter installations:


Too high, too low

Sometimes, gutters were hung too low or too high during a previous installation. Sometimes, installers hang gutters in the easiest way, rather than the best way. Certain installations make the gutters vulnerable to pulling away as snow melts off the roof. If an installer places the gutter in too low a position, water flies right past the gutter in a heavy rain, completely defeating its very purpose.


Inadequate size

Some home have gutters that are too small to do the job. Improperly placed downspouts, or connectors that are too small impede drainage. It is important to use the widest possible connector between the gutter and the downspout.


Missing or problem flashing/drip edge

The drip edge protects both your shingles and your fascia boards. Some roofers skip the drip edge and extend the shingles too far over the gutter. This impedes water flow into the gutter. In some instances, overextended shingles bend down into the gutter where they wick water up and deteriorate.

Without a properly installed drip edge, water may flow around the shingle edge and straight down the fascia. Paint may peel from chronically wet fascia boards. This is not only unsightly, you may face the expense of re-painting. Worse yet, fascia boards may rot to the point that they cannot hold the gutter in place.



New Gutter Replacements

It’s a good feeling to know that both your roofing and gutters are all-new, installed by a capable contractor like BRAX Roofing. Seamless gutters and copper gutters are popular options:


Seamless K-style gutters

Over the past four decades, contractors and homeowners have been increasingly attracted to the lower material and labor costs associated with seamless gutters. It is estimated that seamless gutters account for over 80 percent of today’s gutter installations. Seamless gutters are typically fabricated on-site from long rolls of metal called gutter coils. Special equipment is usedto crimp and form the metal into long sections. The number of seams and joints is greatly reduced, this eliminating many potential sources for future leaks.


Copper gutters

Copper gutters are often an ideal part of a long-lasting roof replacement. In terms of appearance, they are also a perfect complement to certain cedar shake and other types of roofs. The patina that the copper develops over time blends well with other matte surface, non-reflective building materials. The superior corrosion resistance of copper protects against the effects of acid rain, smog and sea air. If you choose to replace your gutters during a roof replacement, we’ll discuss whether five-inch or six-inch gutters are best for your home.

When you do opt for new gutters, our roofing professionals will handle all aspects of a roof replacement, including proper installation of a drip edge and gutters so that the fascia is properly protected for many years to come.

If you are considering a roof replacement, we invite you to consider the expertise offered at BRAX Roofing. Make one quick call, and one of our experienced estimators will carefully assess your roof’s condition and provide our best recommendations. Please contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation estimate today!

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