Going Green with a New Roof

Nov 4, 2015Blog, Roofing

Home improvement projects that improve comfort and energy efficiency will always be a wise investment, especially as these involve long-term savings. If you’re planning to do one this season, focus on your roof. Roof replacement offers many eco-friendly options that help reduce your energy bills.



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This project is a big undertaking, however. BRAX Roofing, one of the premier roofers in Silver Spring, MD, suggests you consider these essentials before starting work on your roof:


  • Cost of Installation

An energy-efficient roof offers a healthy return on investment. Greener roofing provides superior insulation, letting you enjoy a more comfortable home while reducing your energy costs. New financing options, along with tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives offered by some states make switching easier, as well. This, coupled with the amount you save on energy, makes this a smart venture.


  • Location

Consider the area you live in when switching to a green roof, as well. This can affect the performance of your replacement, so choose a roofing material that is suitable for its environment and weather patterns. For instance, a dark-colored metal roof is an excellent choice in regions that frequently experience cold and wet weather. Meanwhile, homes in hot and humid climates will benefit from light-colored tile roofs that help maintain cooler interiors.


  • Curb Appeal

Select a green roof that can blend with your home’s architectural style perfectly. Your roof system is one of the most visible design elements in your home, so make sure it can deftly increase curb appeal. BRAX Roofing, your trusted contractor for roof repair in Gaithersburg, MD offers Timberline® Lifetime Shingles from GAF. These asphalt shingles come in a wide selection of colors, thicknesses, and levels of protection. We also have Designer® Lifetime Shingles that emulate the premium beauty of slate and wood shakes without the maintenance and cost.

To make the most of your energy-saving roof replacement, turn to BRAX Roofing. We are the GAF certified contractor that Maryland homeowners trust for quality roof installation and repair. With our range of roof systems from GAF, we’ll make sure that your home maximizes its comfort and efficiency.

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