A TPO Flat Roof Offers Environmental Advantages

May 9, 2016Blog, TPO Roofing

Is your roof due for a green retrofit? Both commercial and residential customers value roofing materials that are better for the environment and that reduce carbon emissions. At BRAX Roofing, we often recommend GAF EverGuard TPO for environmentally friendly flat roof installations.



The Rise of TPO Roofing

Single-ply, non-reinforced thermoplastic materials arrived in the roofing industry in 1989, and fabric-reinforced materials arrived in 1992. A high-quality adhesive bonds the layers together into a single-ply flexible membrane. TPO roofing has quickly become the most popular flat roofing solution in America. From 2007-2012, sales of TPO roofing in the United States were quadruple those of all other flat roofing materials combined.



Reasons for its Popularity

There are many reasons why thermoplastic polyolefin roofing continues to become more popular. A TPO flat roof is very resistant to punctures, tears and impacts, especially in the 60 mil, 70 mil and 80 mil thicknesses. Thanks to the use of UV light inhibitors, it does not degrade when exposed to UV radiation from the sun. It is also highly resistant to chemicals, an advantage of particular interest to commercial clients.

The material is also fire-resistant. GAF uses magnesium hydroxide as a fire-retardant in its EverGuard TPO roofing. Magnesium hydroxide is a very benign substance. In fact, it is the active ingredient in the antacid known as Milk of Magnesia. Since there is no curing process, TPO roofing can be reheated and reshaped a number of times, making it easier to work with.



Environmental Advantages of TPO Roofing

To fully evaluate the energy efficiency, and therefore the carbon footprint, of a given roofing material, it is also necessary to look at three areas:

  • How well it reflects solar radiation
  • How tight the thermal envelope is
  • How well it insulates

GAF‘s EverGuard TPO products deliver in all three areas, making them more environmentally friendly than many other kinds of roofing:


Cool Color technology

Although white is a popular color choice, GAF offers the widest choice of colors in TPO roofing. Many colors feature GAF‘s Cool Color technology that further increases light reflectivity to reduce energy costs.


Uses an inert plastic

Polypropylene is a relatively benign thermoplastic polymer that does not chemically interact with most substances. One of the advantages of this inert property is that unwanted fumes are not released into the air over time.


Tight thermal envelope

Seams are very simply and effectively welded with hot air, creating a unified membrane that minimizes heat transfer.


Solar-ready TPO roofing

GAF has an EverGuard product specifically designed to cope with the added demands that a present or future solar installation may place on the roof’s integrity. This special GAF roofing takes into account the need to secure such systems, and the added stress installers place on a flat roof.


Completely recyclable

It is always important to look at the environmental costs associated with the complete life cycle of flat roofs, including the production and eventual disposal of the roofing. TPO is a fully recyclable product. Those that use TPO roofing can save waste disposal fees and keep millions of pounds of roofing out of landfills.


Landfill diversion efforts

GAF is seeking certification at four of its 24 plants. This certification is related to the amount of material successfully diverted from landfills during the manufacturing process.


BRAX Roofing frequently recommends GAF roofing products to its residential and commercial customers. GAF offers some of the best manufacturer’s warranties in the business, providing our customers with real peace-of-mind. For flat roofs, EverGuard TPO is a highly reflective and durable roofing solution.

We’d welcome the opportunity to evaluate your roofing needs. Our trained professionals can find the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to your roofing requirements. Please contact us today to arrange for a complimentary, no-obligation estimate.

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