3 Must-Dos for a Successful Door Replacement

Nov 11, 2015Blog, Doors

While their primary function is connecting your own space with the outside world, your exterior doors also play an essential role in maintaining your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. They also keep threats to your home’s security at bay.

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If your doors are already failing, take action and look for quality replacements. This is a big investment, however, and requires thoughtful planning. Let BRAX Roofing, your premier contractor for door and window replacement in Silver Spring, MD, help you make the most of your project. We offer these three easy tips.


  1. Choose a suitable door style. Different doors perform a variety of functions. For instance, hinged French doors provide unmatched elegance to both interiors and exteriors, while sliding glass doors are ideal for smooth operation and space-saving functionality. Before starting on your project, consider the style of door that meets your needs and fits your home’s architectural style.


  1. Choose energy-efficient replacements. You should also consider your home’s energy efficiency when looking for new door units. Choose units that exceed the strict standards of ENERGY STAR®. This ensures that your doors in Rockville, MD, can provide greater insulation of your rooms and help lower your energy costs.


  1. Choose a reliable door contractor. An important project like door replacement requires a good contractor to ensure expert installation. Make sure that your choice is a legitimate business; ask them to provide proof of applicable licenses and certifications. Check if they also have proof of insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage — essentials that protect you from sloppy workmanship and work accidents.

When in need of stylish and functional replacement doors, choose BRAX Roofing and our selection of ProVia® doors. Available in a range of colors and finishes, these high-quality doors are custom-designed for your home to ensure lasting beauty and weather protection. ProVia doors can maximize your home’s energy efficiency as well with a polyurethane core that reduces energy loss, and a ComfortTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System that improves thermal performance. Call us for a free estimate.

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