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Re-insulating your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste and help lower your energy bills each month. High heating bills, and ice dams in the winter are a large sign your home is lacking insulation. When a home is better insulated, it is more efficient, comfortable, and quiet.

Using less energy will not just reduce your monthly energy bills for years to come; it also will reduce the negative impact on the environment. If you notice your attic is fairly warm it is an important sign you should have it inspected by a BRAX Roofing professional.

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For optimal energy efficiency, your home should be properly insulated. BRAX Roofing recommends a minimum of R49 to R60 of insulation blow in a homes attic in the state of Virginia. We have found this amount to be substantial enough for homeowners to see reduced cost on their energy bills.

Along with the insulation, a home must also have an adequate number of chutes (or rafter vents) installed between all the trusses. This allows proper ventilation in the attic, without these, air will get trapped which creates moisture and leads to mold.

In making sure your home is properly insulated we also cover all your recessed lights in the attic by adding Owens Corning Smart Cap Recessed Light Covers. These covers are easily fitted, pre-assembled, and fire rated that simply unfolds into a cap over a non-IC rated light fixture.

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There’s a number of reasons to invest in re-insulation. First, it saves you money and energy resources. Next, it will help make your home more comfortable by helping to maintain a uniform temperature throughout all areas of the house. Finally, it makes floors, walls, and ceilings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with less workload on your heating/cooling system.

From a cost perspective, every job we do at BRAX Roofing is a little different. Every home is unique and therefore must be custom quoted depending on a number of factors. We don’t believe in cookie cutter work, and neither should you.

Stop settling and stay warmer for the winter. Give the experienced Fairfax roofing company a call to get your free insulation quote today!

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BRAX Roofing: BRAX Roofing - Fairfax is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on approximately 12 reviews from around the Web.
Could not have been happier with my decision, they were very responsive throughout the process and did a perfect job on the work itself.
Shripal Shah
Very reasonable pricing to replacing our chimney siding. We're very happy with the quality of work and would use them again in the future.
Greg Azar
After scheduling an initial consult, the estimator was very knowledgeable about not only the scope of work but the type of materials and method of construction that would be used.
Kevin Lippincott
Chris and Jason were very professional and it was very easy to work with them to get the repairs done.
Dixit Patel

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