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Working with Building Owners and Property Management

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When you work in any area of home improvement, it’s important to build relationships and reputations. At BRAX Roofing, working with building owners and property management is a crucial part of successfully completing any type of project. Both parties involved will benefit from creating and establishing good relationships, which ultimately makes doing work together a pleasant and smooth process.

Working with Building Owners

From the beginning to the end of a project, the ability to work together easily and efficiently with everyone who may be involved is key to successful completion. That’s why we prioritize building good, long-lasting relationships with building owners. In doing so, we learn exactly how they work, how they want jobs done, their desired timelines, and their vision.

Additionally, these relationships allow building owners to comprehensively learn about our services, our quality, and our ability to complete projects on time and within budget. The first time a collaboration effort succeeds, it forms a relationship of mutual trust and continuous work.

Working with Property Management

But building relationships to not end with building owners. Property management is an important stakeholder, as well. Our business works on a variety of projects, ranging from siding and roofing to windows and doors. All require different types of work, along with an in-depth understanding of the property itself.

A good working relationship with property management at the project site comes with a number of considerable advantages for both sides. As mentioned above, it allows the contractor to better understand the site in question, increasing our chances of successful project completion. At the same time, the same mutual trust that comes into play with building owners also applies here: they can help you find problems and get them fixed. By finding problems and taking care of them before they get worse, the contractor can help to prevent future catastrophes.

For example, if a property manager may notice a problem with the way a storm door closes. Perhaps it doesn’t function properly and shuts too hard. A tenant could get caught in the door and potentially sustain an injury. Property managers keep a vigilant eye on a property to ensure that there are no hazards like the above, which can lead to scenarios in which someone gets injured. Having a functioning relationship with a contract means that when a scenario like the above occurs, have someone trustworthy to come and fix the problem. Or, if they suspect that something may need to be replaced, they can call their trusted contractor to ask for their opinion and evaluation.

Another side of property management is, of course, connected to homeowners associations. When dealing with several properties all governed by HOA rules and regulations, contractors need to understand the intricacies of what they can and cannot do. Forming a relationship with a property management service as well as the related HOA means gaining their trust that you can reliably complete home improvement projects within their guidelines.

This is also beneficial for homeowners; especially when living within an HOA, as you may need to be very selective in what contractors you use for your home improvement projects. Choosing one that already has the experience and a relationship with your HOA means resting easy, knowing that the project will be completed within the regulations. Contractors who work regularly with an HOA understand how the timeline works and what forms need to be filled out, becoming an asset to any homeowner looking for someone to guide them through the process of fixing or replacing something on their home.

Working with Insurance Agencies

Creating and building relationships with insurance agencies is also important. When you are hired to do work that is held under an insurance policy, it’s vital to understand what types of materials you should use, the budget you should work with, and all the paperwork associated with doing the repairs. Homeowners may feel overwhelmed by choosing contractors that fit within the insurance’s guidelines and framework. Contractors who have established relationships with the insurance in question are able to help homeowners through the process. In addition, a good relationship with an insurance company will need more recommendations from that company should a claim come in.

Relationships Equal Success

A crucial part of creating, building, and sustaining positive relationships is good, transparent, and consistent communication. Prioritizing communication with all involved in the home improvement project means that the process will go more smoothly from beginning to end. Another important aspect of a good relationship is establishing mutual goals. We want the final product to be successful and of high quality as much as you do, and we will work hard to get it there.

From regular property maintenance to become a go-to contractor for major roofing issues, that goal remains the same. Offering and honoring system warranties means communicating with our clients that we value the quality of our work, not just in the short term but for a long time to come.

Establishing mutual goals with all of our clients and stakeholders keeps working relationships healthy. It can take time to build these relationships, and once they are in place, each side must work to maintain them. But when all parties work well together to get projects completed on time, within the budget, and with a mutual goal in mind, success will inevitably follow.

Once you find a good contractor, you should never let them go. So to learn more about our work, please contact us and schedule a free roof inspection.

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