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TPO Flat Roof Installations Offer Key Advantages

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing is a popular alternative to traditional EPDM roofing materials for flat roofs. Over the past two decades, the use of TPO roofing increased to the point that it now outsells all other kinds of flat roofs combined.

Property owners and contractors like BRAX Roofing and have sought out the best materials for flat roofs for a long time. The rigorous demands placed on roof membranes are self-evident, especially in areas where temperature and weather extremes are a part of life, like Montgomery County. Flat roofs must withstand repeated cycles of expansion and contraction. The material used must remain pliable and resilient for years. Add water, ice and an occasional hail storm to the mix, and it is evident that a roof is always under assault. Furthermore, bright sunshine contains ultraviolet rays that can further weaken some kinds of flat roofing.

TPO Flat Roof Advantages

A TPO flat roof is an attractive solution for a number of key reasons. Seam strength is often several times of that found in EPDM roofs. The rugged single-ply material is also puncture and tear-resistant. It is popular in Green construction because plasticisers are absent and because it resists the deleterious effects of ultraviolet light.

Although flat roofs were traditionally black, modern TPO roofs come in black, gray and even white. The high reflectance of white roofing material significantly reduces heat absorption, often reducing cooling costs in the building. Check out the photographs of one of our white TPO flat roof installations here.

Independent Study Compares TPO Products

Although the overall advantages of this type of roofing are evident, some products outperform others. An independent study by Structural Research Inc. (SRI) highlights the similarities and differences in various types of TPO roofing. For the testing, researchers too more than 400 samples from 45 rolls of 60 mil roofing material manufactured, including 60 mil GAF EverGuard Extreme. The 50 mil version of GAF EverGuard Extreme was also tested. In fact, it was the only 50 mil roofing material included in the study.

Samples of TPO roofing were subjected to heat aging, weathering and other comprehensive tests.

SRI’s key findings include:

  • All samples exceeded ASTM D-6878 minimum standards.
  • Top performers in the aging tests were the 50 mil and 60 mil GAG EverGuard Extreme TPO products. Neither thickness showed any signs of failure during the first 190 days. All other membranes failed at 112 days or less. Failure was defined as observable cracking in a highly specific test.
  • Aging of TPO membranes can lead to weight loss, which increases the chances of erosion and membrane failure. The two products that demonstrated the smallest amount of weight loss were, once again, the 50 and 60 mil products from GAF.
  • The independent researchers discovered that membrane consistency varied significantly by brand. Once again, GAF products were among the most consistent.

In one test after another, GAF’s EverGuard Extreme TPO emerged as the top performer. The 60 mil variety is also backed by a 30-year warranty, and the 50 mil version includes a 25-year warranty.

A properly installed TPO roof creates a seamless, impervious barrier to the elements, making it an ideal solution in many commercial and residential applications. As the cited study indicates, GAF EverGuard products resist weight loss and cracking, so moisture protection remains intact for many years.  Finally, a TPO flat roof offers aesthetic appeal, creating crisp, clean lines that add modern appeal to your property.

At BRAX Roofing, we are proud to offer superior GAF roofing to our flat roof customers. Whatever your flat roof maintenance, repair or replacement needs may be, we can help. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange for a complimentary consultation and estimate.

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