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Roofing Emergency Calls For Rapid Response

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In general, Montgomery County residents enjoy the change of seasons, from the bright blossoms of spring to the brilliant foliage of fall. However, strong summer thunderstorms and howling winter blizzards may result in a roofing emergency. Occasionally, a tropical system takes aim on the area, generating high winds, hail, and heavy rain.

Pitched Roof Storm Damage

The impact of near-hurricane-force winds on area roofs is often hard to fathom. Sometimes, large branches get lodged after crashing through area roofs. High winds often propel branches through the air with enough force to damage shingles, flashing, vents, and other roof components.

Strong winds can tear shingles or completely dislodge them. When this happens, the roof deck and underlayment are exposed to the elements. High winds may also break the bonds between shingles, causing them to lift and curl. This process also leaves the roof more vulnerable to wind-driven rain. Sometimes, water works its way under compromised shingles, where it travels down to the sheathing, rafters, and other vulnerable areas. Hours or days later, staining may appear on ceilings and/or walls.

The force with which hailstones strike rooftops is also hard to imagine. Pieces of ice falling thousands of feet may dent shingles, dislodging granules intended to protect against both water and UV light damage. Hail may also cause more subtle damage, like shingle delamination, which also reduces the protective capabilities of the roof.

Flat Roof Storm Damage

Flat roof repairs and replacements require specialized knowledge. When leaks happen, it is important to quickly identify the source of the problem. Heavy storms damage flat roofs in a number of ways. Falling debris may compromise the integrity of the roof membrane. Sometimes, older worn membranes finally fail after heavy snow buildup or severe thunderstorms.

Poorly attached flashings, an inadequate number of fasteners, and poorly cured seams may lead to blow-offs or billowing in heavy winds. Heavy storms may also lead to clogged drains that cause “ponding” on the roof. Ongoing problems with standing water may lead to leaks, and ponding may void manufacturer warranties.

Whatever the cause, quick attention to flat roof problems is vital. When a roof emergency occurs, BRAX roofing uses specialized sealants specifically formulated to address leaky flat roofs. Then, more permanent repairs or a roof replacement bring clients peace of mind for the long term. If falling debris has torn through an older flat roof that already has pre-existing problems, a full replacement with a modern membrane might be the best solution. Sometimes, strategically placed roof drains is a long-term solution. The addition of roof drains typically requires a joint effort by a commercial plumber and a roofing contractor.

Sometimes, due to the expense of this approach, it is advisable to install a new, water-resistant membrane. Another long-term solution to standing water is the installation of a modern heat-welded roof membrane. Manufacturers engineer modern, high-quality PVC and TPO membranes to withstand ponding.

Emergency Inspections and Repairs

When you need an emergency roof repair, a roofing contractor with the resources and expertise to respond quickly is important. At BRAX Roofing, our emergency response teams treat every critical repair with the focused attention that it deserves. Much of the time, a homeowner’s policy covers the damage to a residential roof. BRAX Roofing regularly works with claims adjusters, providing required documentation to expedite the process.

Please call us for a quick response that will help to minimize the damage. We’ll use tarps and other means to stop the water from entering your home or business. Then, we’ll work with you to determine the most efficient way to correct the problem. Please contact us today!

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