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Some Of The Common Reasons Why Fairfax Homeowners Replace Their Roofing

Replacing your home’s roof is an integral part of being a homeowner. Your roofing system is in place to protect your home from the elements’ onslaught and keep it dry and clean from moisture, dirt, and debris. People replace their rooftops for many reasons, primarily because their roofs might have sustained some damage or significantly aged over time. For homeowners in Fairfax, hail, wind, tornadoes, storms, and more are all responsible for their roofing damage.

Fairfax wind damage roof repair company

How These Elements Affect Your Home In Fairfax


Fairfax receives its fair share of tornadoes, actually well above the national average. Tornadoes are deadly weather systems capable of wiping out entire neighborhoods. Most homeowners in areas that experience frequent storms often wait until a significant storm has passed before replacing their roofing.


Wind can be quite a deadly force, especially in areas like Fairfax. Winds that reach speeds of over 100 mph can quickly cause significant damage to your roofing system, damages which include wind uplift, destruction to gutters, loosening of soffits and fascias, and more. Extreme wind events like tornadoes or hurricanes can completely destroy your rooftop or even your home.


Hailstorms can pack quite a punch, especially when the hailstones are the size of golf balls, baseballs, or sometimes even bigger. Hailstorms are capable of causing quite a bit of damage to homes; they are known to crack roofing materials, cause holes in roof decks, break apart gutters, and smash skylights and windows.

Old Age

Old age is often the main reason why homeowners replace their roofing systems. Old rooftops tend to have missing shingles, leaking ceilings, loose roofing components, and more. Rooftops that have reached the end of their lives can no longer protect homes and homeowners from the onslaught of the elements and thus no longer serve their fundamental purpose.

BRAX Roofing, Fairfax’s Top Roof Replacement Company

At BRAX Roofing, we understand the importance of your home’s roofing system, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing the community of Fairfax with the best roofing services possible. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with an excellent roofing system, give BRAX Roofing a call today!

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