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How Much Does a Cedar Shake Roof Cost?

One of the most popular residential roofs is cedar shake roofing, a choice that’s purely an aesthetic choice for many. While they do cost a little more than traditional asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofs are long-lasting and provide a natural, rugged appearance.

Even if most of your neighborhood opts to stick with tradition, your house will look unique using cedar shakes. The latter are cut more roughly to give a dimensional quality so it complements your home’s exterior design.

Let’s look a little closer at the costs involved in bringing this roof to you.

What is the Cost Per Square Foot?

Most sources place shake roofing at $6.30 per square foot, which means a square of shake comes out to $630. A bundle, however, would only come out to $210.

Keep in mind cedar costs more than other types of wood. Composite wood is typically the cheapest at $325 per square. Regular wood is the next most expensive at $350. In comparison, cedar goes up to $400 and $130 per bundle.

It’s well worth it, though, because cedar holds up much longer than other wood options. The texture of cedar is also desirable because it’s easier to apply sealants for weather protection.

Total Cost for a Large Roof

Based on the above cost estimates, it could cost you up to $20,000 to get a complete cedar shake roof done. The good news is that it’s going to more than pay back since these frequently last from 30-50 years with proper care.

Also remember that you’ll have some maintenance. Wood shakes may get damaged or rot if you have a lot of inclement weather during the fall and winter. In this regard, you’ll probably want to know what it costs to install those shingles.

Depending on the roofing company you choose, it could cost about $60 an hour to have your cedar shake roof installed.

One thing that’s important is to go over all costs in the roofing estimate and weigh the options based on other roofers in your area.

The Cost to Replace Your Cedar Shake Shingles

Overly cold or wet climates may affect the longevity of your shake shingles. With this in mind, you may have to replace some shingles before the roof turn 50. Even so, this roof is still going to hold up for years longer than a traditional asphalt roof.

Be sure to have a proper inspection if you think you’ll need to have a replacement. A professional roofer inspects each shingle to see if any damage occurred after a number of years.

It’s possible to remove shakes on your own before new ones are put in place. Just be sure to remove the ridge cap first, then roll the underlayment up horizontally.

Your cost in replacing the roof will vary, of course, depending on the extent of any damage.

Which Roofing Company Should You Choose?

Those of you who live in the Washington, D.C. area can depend on us at BRAX Roofing to provide a cedar shake roof at the best possible price.

We guarantee you’ll love this type of roofing once we install it as a replacement for an older (possibly asphalt) roof. Not only will you be able to enjoy top-tier insulation from cedar shakes, but also superior sound absorption to deflect annoying outside noises.

Thanks to a sustained yield forest policy with our roofing, you’ll even have cedar shakes that are extremely eco-friendly.

Contact us at BRAX Roofing to learn more about cedar shake roofing and to receive an estimate. Through us, you’ll find the most affordable roofing in the D.C. area.

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