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3 Great Reasons to Hire BRAX Roofing Commercial Roofing Service in Washington DC

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When you’re running a Washington DC business, the last thing you are thinking about is your roof. You are not thinking about your roof shingles, what the snow might be doing to your energy efficiency, or whether a leak has sprung in the building attic space, you’re thinking about running the business.

There are employees to manage, customers to serve, inventory to stock, and cash registers to count. If you’re not worried about the minutia of the day-to-day process, you’re thinking about how best to use any left-over budget for growth and improvement. Let’s face it, the roof of your DC commercial space is pretty far from your mind. Precisely because this is true, you should seriously consider hiring and developing a relationship with a commercial roofing service.

Commercial roofing services offer you the opportunity to make sure that one very important leak-preventing chore is taken care of without having to do it yourself. Here are three very good reasons to bring in professionals rather than assuming that you will eventually get around to it.

1) You Don’t Want to Maintain the Roof

As the business owner, location manager, or some other equivalent position that leaves you in charge of the building as well as the team, delegation is an important leadership quality. It may have seemed like a good idea at first to handle your own roof maintenance to keep yearly overhead down in terms of semi-annual inspections and repairs, that resolve probably isn’t shaking out. If it’s been more than 6 months since anyone’s looked at the venue rooftop, it’s time to accept that the DIY approach just isn’t going to fly with your other business responsibilities. Many people leave roof maintenance to the pros simply because they don’t want to climb on the roof twice a year.

2) Rooftops are Often Dangerous

Another very important point when debating who to send out onto the roof to clear snow, dry the shingles, and reduce the amount of cold moist air the house is intaking. While these tasks are useful, rooftops are also dangerous and the last thing you want is you or an employee getting injured trying to take care of a risky job in icy conditions. Pitched rooftops are the easiest to accidentally fall off of because they slant down toward the ground already, but even a flat rooftop can be dangerous without guard rails if someone’s not careful. Professional roofing service teams know how to get around safely on rooftops both without falling and without damaging the roofing materials they’re working with.

3) The Benefit of Training and Experience

Finally, even if you find an employee with incredibly stable footing and a willingness to climb and push snow off the roof, they won’t actually be able to tell you much in the way of maintenance advice. An employee with a long broom can’t spot dangerously soft tiles, signs of leaks, or detached flashing, or other possible roof damages and they won’t be able to enact repairs even if damage is noted. When you’re working with professional roofers to help you maintain, inspect, and repair your roof, you will get the full benefit of their training and experience, and not just at moving around on dangerous rooftops. With each visit, you are likely also to get a full inspection report and a few recommendations on regular maintenance.

Whether you’re a big company or a small one, startup or old and established, if you own your own commercial building in Washington DC then maintaining the roof is just as much a priority as the walls and parking lot. For more information about commercial roofing services and the right roof solutions for your commercial location, contact us today!

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